The End?

As most of you are probably aware, CollectorsFrenzy has been down for the last few weeks. I started this project a decade ago as an alternative ad supported source for aggregating vinyl prices. I had just graduated university at the time and I was starting my career out. Programming and vinyl were my two passions at the time, and I wanted to create something that would combine those two together. That's when CollectorsFrenzy was born.

As time went on, and the popularity of the site grew to the point of nearly 200,000 unique users a month, my focus started drifting elsewhere. I neglected the site and didn't make the time to do any maintenance to the infrastructure. The database was contantly growing, eventually containing over 10 million entries collected over the last decade.

So after nearly a decade, the infrastructure finally gave out. The data still exists but it's not easy moving all of the data to the cloud in its current form. So, CollectorsFrenzy will be going through a transformation. An idea has been percolating in my head for the last few years and it's finally time make it happen. It will still be vinyl related and it will offer a better experience than anything out there right now.

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